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Something About DJ EZZY
DJ Ezzy, Native Washingtonian, noted as one of DMV’s top performing DJ’s, brings a style of Disc Jockey to cross all music sectors.  With having an appreciation for a variety of music in the early years, his desire for the business began as a sound engineer.  His fondness for music grew as he put his focus on getting up close and personal, with several top 40 music groups. A position in security & Sound engineer for groups.

Well, the foundation was set! Becoming a DJ was enviable and in 1984 that’s just what Ezzy did.  With years of knowing “how to move the crowd”, DJ Ezzy does just that!  When asked, “What kind of DJ are you”, he states, “I consider myself an entertainer, and I play for the crowd”.

With an overwhelming demand for his Disc Jockey services, i.e., weddings, cabarets, parties, event host/MC, Trip Coordinator, Event Planner, Graphics Designer etc., there comes the creation of Ezzytime.com. A one stop shop for all your Disc Jockey and entertainment needs.  He has been afforded other opportunities to showcase his love and talents for DJing.  In 2011, he adds radio personality to his list of accomplishments.  He partners in the creation and co-host of 4Play/ The Eargausm Show.  An adult listening, late night slow jam show on GoGo Radio.com., an internet radio station showcasing music from all genres.

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